The Builders Of Humanity-Great Teachers

If my mother told me to love the world then my teacher taught me how to love it. I still vaguely remember my first day to school. My small hands clasped my mother’s hand as I trudged reluctantly along the kerb. Anxious and perturbed, I carried a small school bag with all essentials my mother... Continue Reading →

Do you remember yourself?

I live miles away from my parents. And like every girl who wants her parents to be by her side, I too wanted them to be with me. The video calls that made us virtually closer could nearly suffice the touch of physicality. Nevertheless, we had to live this way and now that I was... Continue Reading →

The Final Story…

Throughout our lives, we hear countless stories from parents, teachers, grandparents, friends and sometimes strangers. Sometimes true, sometimes false, but each story brings an emotion along. And we often remember our stories by those emotions which triggered as soon as w heard-delight, sadness, thrilled, shocked, disgust and so much more. Whether you are a storyteller... Continue Reading →


Life-Bestowed, yet not owned. Life is a course of action that begins the moment we are conceived in our mother's womb till the last breath that escapes us. Throughout it we are sometimes confronted with tumultuous times and sometimes with happy times. It is the experiences that colour life and the experiences are mere outputs... Continue Reading →

Relax and Breathe

Pestilence is bad, bad for the whole mankind. Almost a month in lockdown, and I am sure you must have gone through different frequencies of vigour.From 'kuch karte hain' to 'bohot hogaya' and 'aaj mann nahi hai'. It's completely fine. To feel harried, overwhelmed, anxious or simply doing crazy stuff its all normal human psychic... Continue Reading →

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